Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's been awhile..

So I have not been keeping up with my blog to much lately. I have been working full time and any free time I've had I have been making galores of stuff for an upcoming show. Actually this will be my first street fair. Thankfully its only one day but still lots of stuff to prepare for it. It's this saturday! I remember when I had still two months to prepare stuff and now its down to the grind.

I still feel like I don't have a lot of stuff even though I do. I feel like its mostly the same design but with colour variations. I guess thats not true either. We did a mock set up of my table last week and the table had tons of stuff on it. I thought it was going to look empty but it didn't. We will see how it goes. There are still a few last minute things I came up with that I would love to make more of but I don't know if that is going to happen at all. Which is very sad. One being a necklace design. I made one and started wearing it right away and I love it. It looks similar to this black and red one here, except mine is blue and silver.

I really hope that this weekend goes alright and that it doesn't rain! Cross your fingers for me! Now I'm off to make/organize stuff for the fair!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Dreaded Creative Block

Has anyone experienced this before? Geez what am I saying? I'm sure everyone at some point has experienced this. I'm currently going through one now. It's sad really. I seem to always have these great ideas when I'm not at home or in a place where I can't whip out my notebook to write them down. So of course, by the time I'm home I have forgotten everything. I think my brain hates me. Seriously. I mean I REMEMBER that I had a GOOD idea, just not what it is. lol. ~shrugs

It doesn't help either that my supplier for my beeeooutiful rings are out of stock of my favorite sizes. ~pouts. So I have to wait for a little bit before going on a creative binge with rings. It's sad, for me at least. I don't have to many items in my shop yet either. So instead I have decided to leap into a different creative route for the time being and work on some paintings. Although i've got the dreaded creative block in that area to. I think I've already erased my canvas at least three or four times. ~sigh, I can never win.

I love all types of crafts and I worry that eventually my shop will be so random with the types of crafts I make that it just won't work. We shall see. This painting that I'm working on is my first in I don't even know how long. Years probably. I don't know why I ever stopped painting because really I love it.

Here are some past examples of my work, each of which enjoy a nice home with friends and family: :) They were really hard to part with - I love them so much. But I know my friends and family treat them right. Plus I can go over to their house's anytime and see my masterpieces. hehe. ;)

(actually I lied, the one above is hanging over my computer desk. I painted this one in highschool and would'nt let it go for the world. My art teacher wanted to buy it from me for $100 bucks, but I was like nooo way. I spent so long on this that I couldn't part with it.)

Just like the first one, it was really hard to let them go :( But hopefully there will be many more to come and lots to be available to purchase. There are so many talented artists already on etsy. I am in love with some of their styles. It's pretty cool to see how each person has their own style. Hopefully mine will complement theirs. Well if I can get out of my creative block that is?

How do you guys handle and get over the hurdle?

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Million Blog List

I'm # 826
Get listed at

I just recently added my blog to the 'One Million Blog' experiment. The started it on April 10th 2008. As of today they are in the 800's. The experiment is to see how long it will take to reach the one millionth mark. Go check it out! Just click picture above.
At the rate they are going and each day brings more and more added to the list, I have no doubt they will reach it by the end of the year. Sooner even! Be interested to see how close I am :)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rainbow-licious creations

I just love working with coloured rings. :) So many possibilites. I think lately I have been addicted to making earrings. The strange thing is I rarely change the small hoops my mom got me for christmas a gajillion years ago. So I'm not sure where the obsession is coming from. Oh well , sometime I might just have to make myself some to wear just for a change.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


My newest creation. I love how this bracelet turned out. I don't know why but lately I am just loving the colour pink. I was so excited when I got a shipment of supplys and there were all these pink rings. I don't know, maybe its just the weather :) Its been soo nice out lately, no more snow!

Just talking about my pink rings makes me want to go create more with them, so off I go to make more pink-tacular stuffs.


Designing the good 'ol business card..

So I decided last night to finally sit down and design my business card. It took me a while to come up with something that I liked. The only problem is there are two somethings that I like. LOL
So which ones do you guys like the best? Pros and cons of each? Here they are in their little mouse cuteness.

Layout One:

Layout Two:
I really like the top one, but I also love how the top part of the second one looks. Its a hard decision. I might just have to use both of them. :)

I also designed an earring card which I think turned out quite nicely. :)

Now the only problem is my printer. It finally is on its last legs. I decided that I would just print my cards at home at first. That way I can print my cards as I need them instead of having to go to a print shop and paying whatever they charge for a whole bunch of them. I have another printer waiting in the wings, thanks to my sister, but she still has the printer cable for it. Its a nice printer to. One of those dual printer/scanner deals. I like it. I unfortunately won't be going home till next weekend ( I live about an hour away from my family) so no printing for me.

Oh well at least it was fun to design my cards. I just love my little mouse!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mouse Ink: How it came to be

I’ve always been into the arts and creating things out of whatever I could get my hands on. I think I was born creative; it’s just in my blood. My mother is a Jane of all trades when I was growing up. So I think I get most of my inspiration from her. It might also be another reason why I can’t just stick to one thing. I am constantly trying out different crafts.

She used to make me these really cool birthday cakes when I was younger and each year was always a different theme. My most memorable must be the ‘Barbie doll cake’. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? You know the cake where her dress is actually the cake and the doll is sort of stuffed into it. The top part of her dress is put on with icing to match the rest of her dress. I loved those cakes. She also used to make wedding cakes right down to the icing herself. A few of my aunts would come over whenever she was going to be making a wedding cake for someone in the family and sit there and make flowers out of icing for it. Amazing. I really don’t know how they have the patience.

It was always fun watching her put them together, even more amazing how she managed to get the completed cake to the hall without hardly ever breaking the icing that hung down in strands off the cake.

She also was a decent drawer and recently was into folk art crafts. I love my mom. We have so much in common that way. I think I also get my love of reading from her as well.

So at a young age I was always doing something crafty. I used to make these cards for peoples birthdays or other occasions and I always include this logo of a mouse I had made along with my business name ‘Mouse inc.’ and the year. Sort of like Hallmark and other card companies do on the back of their cards.

That is really were Mouse Ink was born. I always wanted my own business that was called Mouse Inc. Mouse is my nickname in my family. I don’t really remember how I got it, more then likely because I was always quiet and loved cheese. The name just stuck. So I always wrote it on anything I could.

As I grew older I started taking an interest in jewelry and started my collection of beads and other jewerly making accessories. I went to college for graphic design and during our third year they started talking about registering business names. I thought it might be a good idea but wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. At least it got me thinking about it. A year or so after I graduated that was exactly what I did. I went down to register my business; unfortunately I couldn’t use Mouse Incorporated because well it takes lots of money to do that. So it eventually transformed into Mouse Ink, and that is what it is still today.

Over the years I really didn’t do a whole lot with my business until recently when I joined up on Etsy. I was so into trying new things that it was hard for me to stick to one thing long enough to even consider trying to sell it. I still am that way really, but I have to start somewhere.

Currently my main passion is still jewelry but mainly chain maille inspired jewelry. My brother was the one that got me into that. We are both into medieval times and castles, knights and all of that stuff. He started coiling and cutting his own rings and showed me one day what he was making. He even gave me some rings to play around with and made me a little system to coil my own rings as well (complete with different sized poles to make different sized rings!). That got me on my way.

It’s funny how different aspects of ones life or even incidents kind of put you onto another path in life. I never expected to make things out of rings before, but as of right now I am loving it. J Hopefully I can build Mouse Ink into something I have dreamed of since I was a young kid. At least finally I am pointed in that direction.