Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Dreaded Creative Block

Has anyone experienced this before? Geez what am I saying? I'm sure everyone at some point has experienced this. I'm currently going through one now. It's sad really. I seem to always have these great ideas when I'm not at home or in a place where I can't whip out my notebook to write them down. So of course, by the time I'm home I have forgotten everything. I think my brain hates me. Seriously. I mean I REMEMBER that I had a GOOD idea, just not what it is. lol. ~shrugs

It doesn't help either that my supplier for my beeeooutiful rings are out of stock of my favorite sizes. ~pouts. So I have to wait for a little bit before going on a creative binge with rings. It's sad, for me at least. I don't have to many items in my shop yet either. So instead I have decided to leap into a different creative route for the time being and work on some paintings. Although i've got the dreaded creative block in that area to. I think I've already erased my canvas at least three or four times. ~sigh, I can never win.

I love all types of crafts and I worry that eventually my shop will be so random with the types of crafts I make that it just won't work. We shall see. This painting that I'm working on is my first in I don't even know how long. Years probably. I don't know why I ever stopped painting because really I love it.

Here are some past examples of my work, each of which enjoy a nice home with friends and family: :) They were really hard to part with - I love them so much. But I know my friends and family treat them right. Plus I can go over to their house's anytime and see my masterpieces. hehe. ;)

(actually I lied, the one above is hanging over my computer desk. I painted this one in highschool and would'nt let it go for the world. My art teacher wanted to buy it from me for $100 bucks, but I was like nooo way. I spent so long on this that I couldn't part with it.)

Just like the first one, it was really hard to let them go :( But hopefully there will be many more to come and lots to be available to purchase. There are so many talented artists already on etsy. I am in love with some of their styles. It's pretty cool to see how each person has their own style. Hopefully mine will complement theirs. Well if I can get out of my creative block that is?

How do you guys handle and get over the hurdle?