Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Applefest 2009 Street Fair

This weekend that just past was Applefest weekend. I had a booth (my first craft show/street fair) last year. I decided this was one fair that I would definately enter in every year. I have to start somewhere :). This year my booth was in a different spot but that is okay. I wanted to see how sales would be if I was farther down the street then last year. I still have yet to compare totals between the years but I did pretty good this time around. Here are some shots from the day.

This is a street shot looking down main street. The booths went way back there. It was insane how many booths and how many people where there! The street was basically a wave of people for most of the day!

This is me in the wee hours of the morning setting up my booth. We got there around 6am and it took about a few hours to get it completely set up. We did have problems with the tent though but that was the only frustrating part of the day. The street fair ran from 10-4 but people are always out on the street checking things out by 8am. So I was aiming to have most of my stuff out by that time.

This is my earring display board. I love it :) Its nothing more then a cork board covered with black material and clear push pins pushed in to hang my earrings off of. It also has a hinge with a board that swings out a bit so it stands up pretty sturdy.

This was new this year. I decided I wanted to use some sterling silver/Swarovski crystals and thought this would be a great time to see how it sold. I also wanted to appeal to a wider audience. They definately were a big success!

Here is a table top shot of my bracelets and necklaces. I like to organize them by colours of the rainbow.

Another table top shot of my set up. I think next year I definately need another table. Since there was stuff that I didn't put out because I didn't want it to look to crowded. I have all year though to figure that out :)

A better shot of the whole table (with hubby in the background ;)

It was a good day! It was less exhausting then the year before though, but that might be because this time around I wasn't as nervous as I was the last time. I will get better as I go along. Now I just need to attend more craft/street fairs, but at least this is a start.

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